Customize The Border 2.0.1


It's a Mod that lets you create borders between South and North San Andreas, and anyone can modify the border's flag and lettering.


Main file ("Manual installation")
- Use OpenIV to install and activate "Edit Mode".
- Go to Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks and add the file "c_border_tgp".
- Then go to Grand Theft Auto V\update.rpf\common\data and edit the "dlclist.xml" file.
- In "dlclist.xml", insert dlcpacks:/c_border_tgp/ at the bottom of the page (before "") and save.

Main file ("Auto installation")
- Use OpenIV to install and activate "Edit Mode".
- Drag and drop the CTB Install.oiv file directly into OpenIV and follow the procedure.

- to uninstall it if ever you do the same but with CTB Uninstall.oiv

- Fixes the problem of having the "peage_fermer.ymap" file on installation

- Path/route problem
- Structure collision problem
- Compatibility with "Open all interiors".
- Compatibility with "LSPDFR
- New languages added
- Blip added
- FiveM added
- Reduced mod size (333MB --> 25MB)
- Incoerence map adjustment

Path/route problem
Add NPCs
Coming soon: a wall

Credits :
TyNox Games Production™ (2022-2024)

OpenIV Team
Code Walker Team
hksbindra (Maverick Gamers) for Blips for publication & TyNox_GAMING for translation
nqsv_ & 91'BetaNoxy for the ideas (Discord)

Customize the border © V2.0
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 1.0 BETA

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