Balkan Style Apartment 1.0


Daron12's GTA 5 Balkan-Style Apartment Mod takes the virtual living experience to a whole new level by infusing the game with the rich and vibrant aesthetics of the Balkan region. Immerse yourself in the warmth of Balkan hospitality with this carefully crafted modification, featuring a collection of uniquely designed apartments inspired by the cultural richness of the Balkans.


1. Menyoo Trainer
2. Mapbuilder
3. Menyoo to YMap Converter

**Installation Steps:**

1. **Download the Mod Files:**
- Obtain the mod files, which typically include "Balkan.xml" and "BalkanDoors.ymap."

2. **Locate Your GTA V Folder:**
- Navigate to your Grand Theft Auto V installation folder.

3. **Install the Spooner File:**
- Copy the "Balkan.xml" file.
- Paste it into the following directory:
GtaV folder > menyooStuff > Spooner

4. **Install the Doors YMap:**
- Copy the "BalkanDoors.ymap" file.
- Paste it into the following directory:
GtaV folder > mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks > custom_maps > dlc.rpf > x64 > levels > gta5 > _citye > maps > custom_maps.rpf
(This step is crucial for the doors to function correctly.)

5. **Install Menyoo Trainer:**
- Ensure you have Menyoo Trainer installed. You can find it on popular GTA V modding websites.

6. **Install Mapbuilder:**
- Make sure you have Mapbuilder installed. Follow the installation instructions provided with the Mapbuilder mod.

7. **Install Menyoo to YMap Converter:**
- Ensure you have the Menyoo to YMap Converter installed. This tool is necessary to convert Menyoo XML files to YMap format.

8. **Load the Mod in-Game:**
- Launch GTA V and load your saved game.
- Open the Menyoo Trainer menu in-game.
- Navigate to Spooner > Manage Saved Files.
- Load the "Balkan.xml" file using Menyoo Trainer.

9. **Enjoy the Balkan-Style Apartments:**
- Explore and enjoy your newly customized Balkan-style apartments in the game.

Note: Always follow any specific instructions provided by the mod creator and ensure that your game and mods are up-to-date to avoid compatibility issues. Modding GTA V involves altering game files, so be sure to create backups before making any changes.
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