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    A solution to anyone for whom EVE is not outputting anything and they're only getting videos in Rockstar's default low quality in the default folder: remove all other mods from your GTA 5 directory, except EVE and Script Hook V of course. It's probably just a single mod that's causing the issue but instead of going through and trying to remove them one by one I temporarily move them all away from the GTA directory when I render videos. I hope this works for you guys.

    10 april 2017
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    @nightingale It worked, thank you!

    15 februari 2017
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    I'm also getting crashes in the end every time I render a longer video. Deleting the log file before didn't work for me. Shorter videos don't crash, and the format doesn't seem to matter. Also, I have plenty enough space on the HDD I'm outputting into. Here's my log file

    14 februari 2017
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    Here's something I tried with motion_blur_samples at 80 and motion_blur_strength at 0.5, fps being 23.976. On that framerate I think 40 samples should be sufficient most times, but I used 80 because of the very fast motion. On 60fps I'd probably use 16 samples. Now I should only add some grain for that film look. :)

    9 februari 2017
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    @5t3v3y Works beautifully for me on version 0.4.4beta. I set motion blur samples to 16 and strength to 0.3, and got a nice trail of 5 frames within each frame (if my count is correct). Looks way better than before. Gonna experiment with different values next, maybe samples 30 and strength 0.2. Here's what I have under [EXPORT]:
    fps = 23.976
    motion_blur_samples = 16
    motion_blur_strength = 0.3
    export_openexr = false

    Big thanks to @nightingale again!

    9 februari 2017
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    I was thinking about the motion blur. Would it be possible to implement a more "camera-like" motion blur, I mean so that the blur trail would not be the entire distance between an object's location between two frames, but instead a shorter one mimicking camera's shutter? IMO the current motion blur looks a bit too soft and "unrealistic" (comparing to real life material filmed with a camera). It's explained better here in Blender's documentation: . I don't know much about programming, so if I'm asking for the moon from the sky, just ignore me. :)

    2 februari 2017
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    @nightingale About my earlier report about the flashing between continuous clips. I think this may be a limitation of the Rockstar Editor itself. I was making long first person stuff but it seems that even when exporting with the original editor itself there seems to be some weird hiccups between the clips, like the sky flashing and some sound effects cutting. Some Youtube-videos I found seem to confirm this. Unfortunate. Sorry about the extra trouble and thanks again for the great mod!

    31 januari 2017
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    Thanks for a great mod!
    I have a little issue with exported videos. Whenever I have two or more continuous clips of the same angle (that the game has separated when recording) and I put them together, I get a very slight black flash between them in the exported video, just one frame in length, I think, and as far as I can tell it isn't even a complete blank screen, just part of the picture in the middle flashes black. It doesn't matter whether I export in 30fps or 60fps. I'm using libx264.

    29 januari 2017