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    @trapacom That happened to me also, the only way I could fix this was by downloading LorenVidican map packs and main thing was to Downgrade my game version to the previous one. Then it worked perfectly. No collision fixed and paused menu was loading. Only problem I had was some car paths were missing in certain parts of the map only a few and in an underground tunnel it was filled with the sea so all NPC cars were driving in there just to float lol.. but yeah try downgrade your game version to 1.0.2372.2 I think it was. You have to replace 4 files in the main folder and the update folder. But make sure u save Ur dlclist.xml in the mods folder because u have to overwrite it with the standard one in openIV. Also u have to change Ur gameconfig again. Watch a video on it. I have the 2 San Andreas maps. Liberty city. NFS most wanted. Simpsons map mod. 2087 car pack and NVE and super power mods and a bunch of other mods n trainers. and it works fine. Sometimes when I load up I get a memory error but I need to refresh my laptop to kill all the background processes then it works n never freezes my game. There's a batch file u can download to speed up FPS and fix texture stutters n that worked for me.

    12 april 2022